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OAK Organization is proud to be affiliated with esteemed organizations such as the World Council of Optometrists and the African Council of Optometrists. 

We are an organization of Professionals

As an organization of professionals, OAK embodies a commitment to excellence and expertise in the field of eye care, ensuring top-notch services and comprehensive solutions for our clients' visual health needs.

Our Programs:

The Gift of Sight

The ability to achieve clear vision, both at near and distant distances, is integral to the daily lives of students. Regrettably, approximately

5.2% of our student population, totaling around 200,000 individuals,
encounter challenges with their vision. While these issues can be rectified through simple interventions
such as the provision of eyeglasses, various impediments, including limited access to eye care services,
insufficient awareness regarding the importance of regular eye examinations, and obstacles in obtaining
corrective eyewear, contribute to the persistence of uncorrected refractive errors.
Uncorrected refractive error stands as the predominant cause of poor vision among students. These
remediable conditions can significantly impact a child’s quality of life, hindering their performance in
activities of daily living, mobility, reading, and fine motor tasks. Such impediments can detrimentally affect
their educational attainment, personal development, and economic productivity.
In alignment with our enduring commitment to advocate for affordable and accessible healthcare, our
association has inaugurated a three-year school screening program named the “Gift Of Sight.” This
initiative aims to screen over 600,000 secondary school students across more than 500 schools
nationwide. The primary objective is to promptly identify and address vision-related issues, thereby
ensuring a promising future for our youth.
To date, in 2023, our association conducted screenings in eight secondary schools, encompassing 7,892
students. In collaboration with the Essilor Luxottica Foundation, we provided 786 pairs of glasses. In 2022,
Essilor Luxottica generously donated 1,440 pairs of glasses, while in 2023, their contribution increased to
2,800 pairs. Moving forward, our association seeks sponsors and partners to aid in supporting the
logistical requirements necessary to extend the “Gift Of Sight” program to more students in need.

Optometrists & Road Safety

Ona Vizuri, Safiri Salama" (See Well, Drive Safely) was a groundbreaking initiative spearheaded by the Optometrist Association of Kenya

(OAK) aimed at advocating for the importance of vision screening for
public service vehicle (PSV) drivers. This initiative was a response to the alarming rate of road accidents in
the country, recognizing the crucial role vision plays in ensuring road safety.
The inaugural event took place in 2023 during World Sight Day, simultaneously held in five key towns
across Kenya: Kakamega, Kisii, Nakuru, Eldoret, and Mombasa. At these locations, 7,600 PSV drivers
underwent comprehensive vision screenings conducted by skilled optometrists. The screenings aimed to
detect any visual impairments that could compromise drivers’ ability to operate vehicles safely on the
One of the highlights of the event was the donation of 55 pairs of spectacles to drivers identified with
vision deficiencies. This gesture not only addressed immediate needs but also emphasized the
association’s commitment to promoting road safety through practical interventions.
Buoyed by the success of the inaugural event, the Optometrist Association of Kenya is determined to
expand the “Ona Vizuri, Safiri Salama” initiative. Plans are underway to conduct similar vision screening
events in 20 towns across the country during this year’s World Sight Day. By reaching out to more drivers
and communities, the association aims to raise awareness about the importance of good vision for safe
driving and contribute significantly to reducing road accidents in Keny

Continuous Medical Education

In addition to its advocacy efforts, the Optometrist Association of Kenya (OAK) places a strong emphasis on the professional development of its members...

In addition to its advocacy efforts, the Optometrist Association of Kenya (OAK) places a strong emphasis
on the professional development of its members. Through monthly Continuous Medical Education (CME)
sessions, the association ensures that its members stay abreast of the latest trends and advancements in
the eyecare sector.
These CME sessions, conducted both virtually and physically, have been a consistent feature over the past
three years, totaling over 50 sessions. They serve as platforms for knowledge exchange, skill enhancement,
and networking among eyecare professionals in Kenya.
Recognizing the evolving landscape of professional standards, particularly with the impending KHPOA
licensure, which requires a threshold for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points, the
association has taken proactive steps. Henceforth, attendees and active participants in the CME sessions
will be awarded CPD points, aligning with regulatory requirements and ensuring that members fulfill their
professional development obligations.
By offering CPD points for attendance and participation in CME sessions, the Optometrist Association of
Kenya reaffirms its commitment to supporting the ongoing education and skill development of its
members. These initiatives not only elevate the standards of eyecare practice but also contribute to the
overall improvement of healthcare services in the country

Our Numbers Don't Lie

Through diligent record-keeping and data analysis, we ensure that our actions and outcomes are rooted in verifiable evidence. From membership statistics to financial reports, we believe in presenting accurate and reliable information to our stakeholders. This dedication to honesty and integrity strengthens trust in our organization and fosters a culture of accountability

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