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Join OAK: Empowering Optometrists, Enriching Communities. Discover the diverse membership options at OAK, where optometrists and vision scientists unite to drive positive change in eye care.


Learn about the different types of membership available at OAK and their respective benefits.

Type 1:

Full Member/Ordinary Member

Become part of OAK as a full member if you are trained to practice as an optometrist and/or vision scientist by a recognized institution. Enjoy full rights to run for leadership positions and vote on various issues within the association.

Type 2:

Associate Members

Optometry students, ophthalmic clinical officers, and opticians can join as associate members. While this category does not have voting rights, it offers opportunities for learning and networking.

Type 3:

Honorary Members

Professionals who significantly contribute to the advancement of optometry can be nominated as honorary members. Although they do not have voting rights, they are valued participants in meetings and activities.

What you need to join us

Requirements for Membership

  1. Be above 18 years of age.
  2. Possess good moral character.
  3. Holds certified academic & professional certificates.
  4. Willing to present certified academic & professional certificates for verifications.

Joining Process

  1. Register through our membership portal or by filling out a membership form and sending it to org@optometrykenya.org.
  2. Reviewing/reviewed by Central Executive and seconded by an ordinary member.
  3. Upon payment processing, you’ll officially become an OAK member. You’ll receive a welcome package with details on membership benefits and engagement opportunities.

Membership Fees


  1. Ksh. 3,000  for Kenyan and East African Citizens
  2. Ksh. 10,000 for foreigners


  1. Entry fee of Ksh. 3,950 for full membership
  2. Annual renewal fee of Ksh. 2,680 by January 31st

Membership Benefits

Professional Development Resources

Access diverse resources like medical education programs, workshops, seminars, and conferences to enhance optometry expertise. Stay updated on industry trends and best practices for optimal patient care.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with optometrists, industry experts, and healthcare professionals nationwide through events and online platforms. Build relationships and collaborate on projects.

Industry Updates

Receive regular updates on industry news, trends, and regulations impacting optometry in Kenya. Stay informed and ensure compliance with relevant standards.

Advocacy and Representation

Support OAK's advocacy efforts to influence favorable policies and perceptions of optometry. Your membership contributes to shaping the future of the profession in Kenya.

Community-Based Programs

Participate in community events and programs organized by OAK and partners across the country, contributing to broader healthcare initiatives

Research Opportunities

Engage in research initiatives facilitated by OAK, exploring advancements and innovations in optometry. Contribute to the field's knowledge base and drive positive change in eye care practices.