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Welcome to Optometry Kenya Organization. We are committed to advancing the level of optometric care throughout the nation, striving to ensure accessibility for all health care workers. 

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What is Optometry?

Is the practice or profession of examining the eyes and applicable visual systems for defects or
abnormalities as well as the diagnosis and management of eye diseases

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Nairobi Kenya

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Join us in our mission to uplift the standards of optometry and improve eye care services across Kenya. Together, we can make a significant impact on the health and well-being of our communities.

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We aim to elevate the academic standards and skills of eye care practitioners

At Optometrist Association of Kenya (OAK), we are dedicated to championing the rights, welfare, security, and protection of our esteemed members. Our platform serves as a hub for fostering research in Optometry and Vision Sciences, facilitating collaboration and support among optometrists and allied health workers across Kenya.

We endeavor to make meaningful strides towards
enhancing eye health and wellness for all Kenyans.

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Our Services

Uniting Optometrists

The association provides a platform for optometrists across the country to come together and discuss affairs that directly affect them as optometrist and the profession at large. This helps optometrist talk with one voice.

Public Awareness

We conduct public awareness campaigns to educate the public about the importance of eye health, common eye conditions, and the role of optometrists in preserving and enhancing vision.

Mmember's Welfare

The association runs a welfare fund which supports members in time of need.

Why People Trust Us

At the Optometrist Association of Kenya (OAK), we stand out as the preferred choice for optometrists and allied health workers across the country. Here’s why people choose us:

Good Policies

Our policies ensures that all the Optometrist's rights are well catetered.


We ensure members adhere to the standards of ethical conduct

Precise Result

We prioritize precision in every aspect of our service, with thorough examinations.

Qualified Staff

We have experienced officials and vision care specialists at OAK

Let us join hands in
improving the Eye Care

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and embark on the journey to clear, healthy vision.



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