Optometrist Welfare Fund

Main Objective

To assist members in bereavement/ funeral expenses, serious illness and hospitalization.

Already having an account?

If you do not have an account?

  • Registration fee: KSH 500
  • Monthly contributions: KSH 300 to be paid by 10th of every month
  • Complete registration form and submit to the welfare email: welfare@optometrykenya.org

Payment to be made to Optometrist welfare account and deposit details attached to the registration form

Optometrist welfare fund ACCOUNT NO:  KCB MOI AVENUE A/C 1297338715


Termination of membership to optometrist welfare fund

  • 5-month notice to the secretary
  • Gross misconduct and violation of welfare constitution
  • Failing to pay subscription fee for 3 consecutive months

  • Entitled to 100% gratuity savings

  • KSH 200 for late payment
  • Fraudulently acquired welfare funds attracts full refund and 10% of paid sum as well as full cost incurred during investigation


  • Biological parents/guardians, subject to approval
  • One spouse (proof needed
  • Up to 4 Children (proof needed). Addition child attracts additional fee of KSH 100 per child

  • KSH 60,000 paid to your account in case of bereavement/ funeral expenses, serious illness and hospitalization. This amount is subject to increase with increase in membership.
  • Amount to be paid by treasurer to account provided by the member

  • After every 2 years

  • AGM
  • Special meetings

  • Kept by welfare committee

  • Account available for scrutiny through provision of 7 days notice with a reason