The introduction of vocational training in this country by TVETA/CDAC is a kin to the introduction of witchcraft to the eye care system.

The graduates from this course who have no examiners, entry points, trainers of trainers, curriculum with the need to know, and work beyond their scope are killing eye care. How can one prescribe a ten-kilogram of tetracycline?
Kenyan eye patients unfortunately have got 70% likelihood of meeting a quack in their quest to seek eye care. We shall not relent in the fight to streamline eye care. The promoters and proponents of such are duly put on notice

Lastly, as we gear towards umbrella licensing of Optometrists in Kenya, no one should be forced by a company to join a professional society or association, and for goodwill and moral obligations, all expatriates should embrace belonging to a society till get we get proper regulation.

Watch out for part two of the communique.

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